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Picture by Suzan Zanders

Picture by Suzan Zanders (Radboud University)

I am an Assistant Professor at the Centre for Language Studies (CLS) and I teach various courses offered by the Department of Language and Communication, Radboud University.

I am involved in several research projects, most of which relate to language disorders and their rehabilitation. I have a strong background in clinical rehabilitation of people with acquired language disorders. As such, I have a natural preference for applied research based on theoretical insights.

Most of my research projects are team projects, in which I collaborate not only with CLS colleagues, but also with researchers of the Language Function and Dysfunction group of the Donders Institute as well as with former colleagues from the Sint Maartenskliniek rehabilitation centre in Nijmegen.

My main research interests:

1.   Functional communication: effectiveness and efficiency

2.  Compensation for chronic aphasia: In-person and online therapy

3.   Mechanisms underlying improvement in aphasia

4.  Within and between-speaker variability in acquired language disorders.              

Current as of 10 March 2023

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