Teaching and supervision

Supervision and membership committees – PhD Candidates

  • Co-supervision of PhD candidate Imke Wets (CLS, RU), Putting discourse particles in context: How people with acquired communication disorders use discourse particles (together with prof. dr. H. de Hoop, dr. Lotte Hogeweg and dr. Vitoriai Piai). 09/2021 – current.
  • Co-supervision of PhD candidate Saskia Mooijman (CLS, RU), The mediating role of executive functioning in recovering from bilingual aphasia (together with prof. dr. R. Schoonen and prof. dr. A. Roelofs). 09/2018 – current
  • Member of the Doctoral Examination Board: Janssen, N. (8 December, 2020). Staying connected as we speak: Behavioural and tractography evidence from health and neurodegenerative disease. PhD-thesis, Radboud University, Nijmegen.
  • Member of the Manuscript Committee: Versluis, C. (6 April, 2017).  Why this now? A genre analytic approach to mixed aphasic/non-aphasic interactive events. PhD-thesis, VU University, Amsterdam.
  • Member of the Doctoral Examination Board: Kok, P. (8 June 2010). Word order and verb inflection in agrammatic sentence production. PhD-thesis, Radboud University, Nijmegen.

Master’s Programme

  • English-taught course for first-year Research Master students,  Aphasia: Task impurity problems and the consequences for research, diagnosis, and treatment, LOT Winter School, 11-15 January 2021.
  • Courses at the Faculty of Arts, department Language and Communication, Master’s programme in Communication and Information Studies, Radboud University:
    • (Co)-Supervisor of Master’s theses (2020 – current).
  • Courses at the Faculty of Arts, department Language and Communication, Master’s programme in Linguistics (Master’s specialisation Language and Speech Pathology), Radboud University:
    • Advanced Course in Language Disorders (2021 – current)
    • Cognitive Communication Disorders (2015 – current)
    • (Co)-Supervisor of Master’s theses, Master’s specialisation in Language and Speech Pathology ( 2006 – current).
  • Guest Lecturer in European Master in Clinical Linguistics, Erasmus Mundus Excellence Programme, University of Groningen (2012).

Postgraduate Education

  • Guest lecturer, one-day course ‘SimpTell webgebaseerde telegramstijltherapie voor mensen met chronische afasie’, Logopedie en Audiologie, Thomas More, Antwerp, Belgium (28 April 2022).
  • Guest lecturer in the Dutch course Neurogenic Communication Disorders, Arteveldehogeschool, Ghent, Belgium (since 2010).
  • Visiting lecturer, annual two-day course on cognitive communication disorders and aphasia (with E. Visser, MSc at HAN VDO, Nijmegen (2004 – current).
  • Guest lecturer the Dutch course Neurological Language and Speech Disorders [NTSS], Rotterdam, The Netherlands (2004 and 2006).
  • Guest lecturer in a course on scientific research for rehabilitation physicians organised by the Dutch Association of Rehabilitation Physicians [VRA] / Stimulation Programme Healthcare Research (SGO), Epen, The Netherlands (in 2003 and 2005).

Bachelor’s Programme

  • Dutch-taught courses at the Faculty of Arts, department Language and Communication, Bachelor’s programme in Linguistics, Radboud University:
    • Aphasia  (2010 – current)
    • Aphasia for pre-master students Language and Speech Pathology (2012-2014)
    • Developmental Language Disorders (2019-2020, 2021 – current)
    • Introduction to Language and Speech Pathology (2013 – current)
    • LingLab 2 (2013 – 2021)
    • (Co)-Supervisor of Bachelor’s theses and internships, Bachelor’s programme in Linguistics  (2011 – current)
    • (Co)-Supervisor of Honours Programme for Bachelor’s students (2016 – current)
  • Courses at the Faculty of Arts, department Language and Communication, Bachelor’s programme in Communication and Information Studies, Radboud University:
    • Health Communication (2019  – current)
    • Interaction Analysis (2019- 2021)
  • Guest lecturer in various courses at the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Social Sciences of Radboud University, e.g., Clinical Neuropsychology, Psychology in Action, Experimental Techniques (2005 – 2012)
  • External examiner for Bachelor’s theses Speech and Language Therapy at HAN University of Applied Sciences, Nijmegen (2013 – 2017)